Thatched Roofs

Thatched roofs really are beautiful and are often linked to Ireland. A thatched roof is extremely durable and environmentally friendly in comparison to other more modern styles. At P.S. Childs Master Thatcher we believe in preserving this old tradition, through the installation, repair and restoration of old and new thatched roofs. There are various ways to thatch a roof and each thatcher will have his or her own style. At P.S. Childs Master Thatcher we focus on using high quality materials and ensuring that everything is secure and sealed, meaning that your thatched roof will last for years to come.

What is a thatched roof?

A thatched roof is a roof made from straw and other natural materials. This used to be anything from straw to wheat. At P.S. Childs Master Thatcher we use the highest quality straw and reed, prepared in our facility in Meath. This is then fixed with steel sways and screw fixings. People have been using variations of this method for thousands of years. When installed correctly, the materials create a waterproof barrier and direct rainfall away. This type of roofing is ideal in a huge variety of weather conditions, which makes it perfect for Irish homes.

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