Repairs & Restoration

Due to the fact that everything is natural in a thatched roof, it stands to reason that it will require some TLC from time to time. You will need to re-thatch your roof periodically. There are grants available for this, which means it is very affordable. At P.S. Childs Master Thatcher we can assist with all repairs and restoration. We are known for our excellent service, having won awards in the past. We can thatch anything from a small porch or cottage, to a large commercial building, such as a restaurant or hotel.

Benefits of a Thatched Roof

  • Aesthetics. This is still the most common reason people want their roofs thatched. There is nothing more beautiful than an Irish thatched cottage.

  • Tradition. For some people they feel a connection with a thatched roof, perhaps they grew up in one, or associate it with a family member etc.

  • Energy Efficient. Thatched roofs are extremely energy efficient. It naturally has adequate ventilation, while still being able to hold in the heat. It is estimated that a thatched roof is the equivalent to 4 inches of fibreglass insulation.

  • Sound Insulation. Thatched roofs are excellent when it comes to keeping out noise. This offers more privacy and comfort to the homeowner.

  • Environmentally Friendly. As all materials are natural, thatched roofs are extremely environmentally friendly. This means less waste in our landfills.

  • Value. A home with a thatched roof can increase the value.

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